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Louisville Skyline – A Celebration From the Rooftops

Local photographer Michelle Seivers is obsessed with the Louisville skyline and she was on a quest to find the best vantage points to capture it from all directions. She has many reasons why she loves her hometown and she saw an opportunity to show off Louisville through her eyes. Here are her 10 favorite vantage points of the Louisville skyline, starting from the North.

Other special events featuring skyline views of the city are in the making with local business NuLu Roofing Contractors. They will be allowing a select number of local photographers to climb the offset-eaves and flared gables of one of the waterfront buildings they are currently reroofing to take some unique architectural shots of shots of the city.

If you like a photo you see, you can purchase it at http://michelleseivers.zenfolio.com/p….


Louisville Skyline Sunset Timelapse Video

Time lapse of the Louisville skyline during sunset. This video was taken from a rooftop by Brendan Foster with GH2 on tripod. Enjoy.