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Before I Die….

before i die-detailsI was in Louisville, Kentucky the other day and stumbled upon this wall. I had never seen anything like this and since I am fascinated by all types of street art, I had to stop and check it out.  The wall is located at 815 East Main Street, directly in front of the Speed Art Museum’s office in NuLu (that’s what the locals call it).  Gill & Augusta Holland, Brett Jeffreys, Heather Kleisner, Rebecca Matheny and Gregg Rochman are responsible for this wall project, and they intend to take it to other parts of the city so that a variety of Louisville residents will be able to write on it and experience this interactive art.

Speed Art Museum’s office in NuLu

Before I Die Outside the Speed Arts Museum in Louisville, Ky

Source: http://the-travel-guru.com/2013/05/before-i-die-wall-in-louisville-kentucky.html