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Louisville Skyline – A Celebration From the Rooftops

Local photographer Michelle Seivers is obsessed with the Louisville skyline and she was on a quest to find the best vantage points to capture it from all directions. She has many reasons why she loves her hometown and she saw an opportunity to show off Louisville through her eyes. Here are her 10 favorite vantage points of the Louisville skyline, starting from the North.

Other special events featuring skyline views of the city are in the making with local business NuLu Roofing Contractors. They will be allowing a select number of local photographers to climb the offset-eaves and flared gables of one of the waterfront buildings they are currently reroofing to take some unique architectural shots of shots of the city.

If you like a photo you see, you can purchase it at….


Louisville Skyline Sunset Timelapse Video

Time lapse of the Louisville skyline during sunset. This video was taken from a rooftop by Brendan Foster with GH2 on tripod. Enjoy.

The Art of Compassion

Tibetan Buddhist Monks, Spreading the message of peace and compassion through art in Louisville

CHENREZIG (Buddha of Compassion) SACRED SAND MANDALA Dissolution Ceremony TONIGHT! Friday, Feb 12

The solemn creation of this Buddha of Compassion Sand Mandala is offered to honor the life and enlightened intentions of recently passed Venerable Chatral Rinpoche and as a Long Life for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. There will be a special Chenrezig prayers offered daily, with mantras during all construction. Complete silence will be kept in the Shrine Room during this multi-day prayer that overlaps Losar and Rinpoche’s 49th Day Commemoration.
Mandala Construction: Friday, 10am – 6pm
Chenrezig Puja and Dissolution Ceremony: Fri, Feb 12, 7-9pm

Feb 6, Sat    

10am – Noon – Green Tara Prayer

Noon – 5:30 – Merchandise sale

7pm – IPP’s  World Interfaith Harmony Peace Concert  ($10 tickets)

St. Paul United Methodist Church

Feb 7, Sun

10am – Noon, 2-4pm, 6-8pm – Mahakala Protector Deity Puja


Feb 8 Mon

Noon –  Opening Ceremony, Chenrezig Mandala – Honoring Chatral Rinpoche


Feb 9, Tue  

7:30-8:30am – Losar Traditional Prayer

2-5pm – Construction of Chenrezig Sand Mandala


Feb 10, Wed  

10-5pm –  Construction of Sand Mandala

7-8:30pm – Community Meditation and Losar Tsok


Feb 11, Th

10-5pm – Construction of Sand Mandala


Feb 12, Fri 

10-5pm – Construction of Sand Mandala

7-9pm – Chenrezig Puja and Dissolution Ceremony


Feb 13, Sat 

11:00am – Sangha and Tibetan Community Losar Tsok and Fire Puja

1-2pm – Losar Potluck (bring salad, dessert or drinks)


Feb 20, Sat 

3:30-5pm – Healing Meditation Ceremony ($10 suggested donation)


Feb 21, Sun  

10am-Noon –  Teaching: The Four Immeasurables


Feb 27, Sat 

10:30am-Noon – Chenrezig Meditation Retreat – Geshe Rapgyal & tour ($40 inclu lunch)


All of these public events will be held at DGCEC, 411 N. Hubbards Lane, 40207

Thanks to our local sponsors

Before I Die….

before i die-detailsI was in Louisville, Kentucky the other day and stumbled upon this wall. I had never seen anything like this and since I am fascinated by all types of street art, I had to stop and check it out.  The wall is located at 815 East Main Street, directly in front of the Speed Art Museum’s office in NuLu (that’s what the locals call it).  Gill & Augusta Holland, Brett Jeffreys, Heather Kleisner, Rebecca Matheny and Gregg Rochman are responsible for this wall project, and they intend to take it to other parts of the city so that a variety of Louisville residents will be able to write on it and experience this interactive art.

Speed Art Museum’s office in NuLu

Before I Die Outside the Speed Arts Museum in Louisville, Ky


Art Show at NuLu Gallery

Art Show at Gallery NuLu

The East Market District, colloquially referred to as NuLu (a portmanteau of “New” and “Louisville”),[1][2] is an unofficial district of Louisville, Kentucky, situated along Market Street between downtown to the west and the Highlands neighborhoods to the east. A growing, hip district, the area comprises parts of two of Louisville’s oldest neighborhoods, Butchertown and Phoenix Hill. The district is home to schools, churches, large and small businesses and some of the city’s oldest homes and businesses. A destination since Louisville’s founding, Market Street has played host to a variety of businesses throughout the city’s history that have drawn Louisvillians for generations to its addresses.

Louisville’s East Market District is now best known for its galleries showcasing local, regional and national artists, unique specialty stores, antique shops and a growing number of upscale restaurants. While multiple art galleries are located in Louisville, they are especially concentrated in this area east of downtown. It has most recently established its reputation for being the best place in town to experience local art